Our Professionals

You likely need our services if you need someone who can…

… manage bi-weekly payroll and benefit tracking so you can focus rather than scheduling around these tasks.

… communicate effectively with technical and website professionals during system updates, integrations and transitions.

… understand how systems work and offer solutions for streamlining processes and eliminating unnecessary work.

… take ownership of their position in a way that best represents your first line of public relations when responding on your behalf.

… assess an existing project, program or event and provide a third-party external report of its effectiveness to stakeholders.

… apply for funding opportunities that you would typically miss out on due to lack of time and passing deadlines.

How does the process work?

  • Execla will do a complimentary assessment and make a recommendation of hours based on your budget.
  • Execla’s Executive team will pair you with an Executive professional, who will remain your primary contact throughout our working relationship.
  • An Executive team lead will attend all initial onboarding meetings and will work with your main contact on creating a work plan.
  • Execla handles the hassle of managing payroll, administering benefits, and providing ongoing oversight and professional training to your Executive professional.
  • All Executive professionals cross-train internally so that you are never left without assistance when your primary contact goes on vacation or is out-of-office.

What can these Executive Professionals do?

  • Manage complicated schedules, such as those that have multiple persons working in different time zones, including international.
  • Manage existing projects, programs and events with little oversight over the day-to-day logistics coordination.
  • Manage technical grant writing teams, copy edit proposals for funding opportunities, and coordinate timely submission.
  • Research, gather information, create marketing lists for sales and promotion, and coordinate email outreach campaigns.
  • Draft reports to internal and external stakeholders to be reviewed by and submitted on behalf of your Executive team.
  • Create content for websites and provide copy editing for published material.

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