About Us

Execla is a leading provider of quality remote Executive-level professional services.

Our ideal clients are remote & hybrid executives, organizations, associations and foundations seeking

exemplary assistance without the hassle, cost and time commitment of recruitment, retention and payroll.

Execla was founded in 2023 and is comprised of Executive professionals and administrators. Our professionals have the experience and capacity to provide top-of-the-line services to our clients. At Execla, we seek out and recruit only the best of the best, to ensure that our clients receive premium support.

Our Execla Culture

Our Executive professionals are actively encouraged to:

  • make suggestions where their time is best spent;
  • act with integrity and professionalism at all times;
  • work intentionally to make best use of client resources;
  • give and receive transparent and constructive feedback;
  • and do their due diligence to act in best practice.
Kayla Deitch, CEO

All our Executive professionals have open door access to Execla’s C-suite Executive team, whose sole purpose is to advise, oversee and provide growth opportunities to our team.

Our Team

Kayla Deitch

CEO, Owner

I am a positive, innovative, analytical, knowledgeable, dedicated, and detail-conscious people person. I work well with visionary personalities, as I am a skilled problem solver, and I especially enjoy integrating processes to support the streamlining of systems and ideas. I have been an Administrative Professional for more than 12 years, with experience working in diverse and sensitive workplaces and managing the detailed tracking, planning and systemization of projects and events remotely and on-the-ground in the US and internationally. I have worked virtually and/or in-person on all continents (except Antarctica!).

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