Kayla is very perceptive, brings sharp analytical skills, asks the right questions and offers creative solutions. She has a keen attention to detail in writing proposals and reports, and in developing and managing budgets. Her due diligence in negotiating contracts is exceptional, and stems from her abilities to build positive personal relationships. Kayla is a cost-effective addition to any organization or project whose objective is success.

David Bancroft – USA

Executive Director (former), International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA)

Kayla is a master of her trade. She facilitated my participation in virtual and in-person international trainings and events and maintained timely communication despite international time differences. Travelling from Kenya to Vancouver (Canada) would not have been possible without her guidance, due to the rigorous Visa application challenges that all participants faced throughout Covid-19. I would highly recommend that any organization bring her team in to work with participants and stakeholders on future projects or programs.

George Wairoma – Kenya

Environmental Planning and Monitoring Expert, Earthcare Services Ltd.

I worked closely with Kayla during our time as colleagues. She was instrumental in ensuring the success of the onsite courses I coordinated, consistently delivering excellent results. Her efficient handling of logistics was commendable, and she tackled challenges with grace. Her standout quality is her timely communication, which contributed significantly to the courses’ success. Furthermore, Kayla consistently tried to accommodate last minute requests, which enhanced the overall quality of the courses for participants. Her contributions were invaluable and her expertise in logistics would add efficiency to the events of anyone seeking the experience of a dedicated professional.

Loreley Fortuny-Mounts – USA/Guatemala

Training Program Specialist (former), IAIA

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