Our Services

Our clients not only have monthly access to our Executive professionals, but also have exclusive access to additional help when necessary and to consultation services from our administrative experts.

Part-time high-level assistance for C-suite executives and their teams.

Assistance for short-term and seasonal priorities.

Exclusive access to consultation with our C-suite.

Executive Professionals

Our Executive professionals are Integrators – they have the capacity and experience needed to do high-level work, including that which you may have had to directly hire a consultant to do in the past.

Projects, Programs & Events

Execla can provide the following, such as short or long-term oversight for reoccurring events, seasonal or ongoing programs, or one-off projects – virtual or in-person.

  • Seasonal assistance for organizations that are busier during certain months or times of year.
  • Access to the help you need when you require strategic emergency services.
  • Roadmaps for the creation of new programs, projects or services.
  • Grant application or proposal creation, writing and submission.
  • Third-party analysis on existing programs for reporting to stakeholders.
  • Transition management during integration of new systems, including benchmarking options and outlining a project plan.

Additional Fractional Services

Our C-suite Executive team can act as facilitators for providing feedback or suggestions for improvement based on their knowledge of best practices and their experience working with a range of industries and sectors. At Execla, we actively look for opportunities for our partner organizations to optimize their internal systems, and to connect them to other organizations or opportunities for growth.

  • Connecting partner organizations to funding opportunities with established foundational leaders.
  • High-level event planning, including setting overarching goals, providing anticipated outcomes, and building a budget that supports long-term event success.
  • Suggestions for best practice in operations management, such as financial tracking, accounting, budgeting, and payroll management.
  • Operational Strategy Development, including system optimization, assessment of existing systems, and solutions for streamlining processes.
  • Internal Process Optimization, including transition of existing systems, and building reports necessary for generating accurate statistics and data.

Need a reason to consider working with Execla?

Access to our professional network and vault of diverse client experiences.

Execla will multiply your in-house resources.