Professional & Remote Executive-level Assistance


Executive Professionals

for your Organization

At Execla, we have experience working with a variety of people, industries and cultures.

Our remote professionals are highly skilled and provide tailored support to our clients.

If your mission is success – Execla is the partner you need.

Our Mission

To provide Executive-level professionals and services to organizations that need highly skilled assistance, but do not have the budget or workload to support a full-time employee. Execla’s services eliminate the cycle and expense of having to recruit, hire, retain and train new administrative employees, and can be particularly cost effective for seasonal projects or part-time programs.

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Our Vision

Execla employees are the indispensable factors that make up our exemplary working culture. We are committed to:

  • Providing employment opportunities for exceptional Executive professionals, including compensation and benefits packages that match their excellence.
  • Enforcing the human right of all professionals to receive fair and equal wages regardless of location, and specifically by protecting lessor developed economies from monopolization of human resources.
  • Supporting the reversal of environmental degradation, and the improvement of the communities in which our employees’ live.

Our Services

Executive Professionals

Part-time and project based Executive support for organizations and C-suite individuals.

Project & Event Management

Managing seasonal or part-time projects in multiple scopes and a range of phases.

Fractional Consulting

Access to consultation with an Operations Executive on a part-time or fractional basis.

What is the Execla difference?

We help Visionaries focus on what brings their organizations to life.

How Can Execla Help you?

We work IN your day-to-day so you can focus ON the big picture.

Execla can provide the part-time resources needed for you to take back ownership of your schedule, add productive hours to your workday, and increase your outreach opportunities and financial support.

The vision for Execla is to be an extension of our clients’ organizations – increasing their capacity to do more – and in a way they cannot do on their own. We aspire to do all we can to be effective facilitators for optimization and growth.

Kayla Deitch

CEO / Founder